Image by Matt Hoffman


With so many Tequilas to choose from, Tequila Comisario has quickly separated itself as a leader and our accolades speak for our unique approach to the core of the process.  From our agave plants which are located in the highlands (Los Altos) of Jalisco, Mexico some 8,000 feet in elevation to our unique approach to fermenting, Tequila Comisario has quickly won the hearts of tequila connoisseurs throughout the world.

Unlike any other harvesting process it starts with our agave plants. From our standard 7 to 8 year harvesting model to our slow cooked process of 18 hours focusing on both fermentation and distilling of each plant, our process is focused on quality and never quantity.

As the distilling process continues, Tequila Comisario focuses its efforts on a very unique extraction process focusing on separating the juice from its impurities for a unique tasting experience by focusing on a beautiful mixture of flavors and nodes to accentuate the middle of the batch spirit.

Upon the finalization of our unique extraction process, each batch is then placed into a steel tank for 36 hours of oxygenation. 

Once this final step is completed, Tequila Comisario completes the final process based on our unique flavor of tequilas. With Blanco serving as our base to conclude the process for our Reposado and Añejo Tequilas, each batch is aged from 7 to 8 months prior to bottling.  In addition, our Añejo spends its last four months in a California red wine barrel to add just a touch of complexity to each sip.